Piano Preludes

Piano Preludes

Piano Preludes 150 150 Christian Winther Christensen

Preludes is performed on a piano completely covered in masking tape. The work is part of a greater work, which will end up including 24 preludes. The preludes are composed for Rolf Hind and Rei Nakamura.

C major: For muted piano and max/msp (build on Chopin’s 1st. etudes from op 10.)

C minor: For muted piano and max/msp (build on Bach’s 2 prelude for wohltemperierte clavier)

Db major: For muted piano (build on the opening to Tchaikovsky’s 1st. piano concerto)

C# minor:  For muted piano (build on the prelude from Rachmaninoff’s prelude Op. 3, No. 2)

Eb major: For muted piano (build on Brahms’ first intermezzo from op.117)

Eb minor: For muted piano (is a free composing but have some similar stuff to Debussy and Rachmaninov)

F major: For muted piano and video (build on Schumann’s Träumerei from Kinderszenen op. 15)

G minor: For muted piano (build on a theme from Schumann’s Humoreske op. 20)

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